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Farm and Factory

Open and always visitable.

The initial project and the aim of our activity is looking at the well-being of the animals : cows, pigs, goats and also rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats , gosling etc…

We love our animals, feed them properly and keep them in an appropriate place.

We try to make them live in harmony with the nature.

No medicine to increase milk production. Following these simple rules, we make products of high quality, that customers can buy at our company store. Cheese factory is a modern structure that allows you to follow the entire course of cheese making. Customers will be able to see the techniques used in high valley of Susa in ancient times, escorted by a speaker giving you any kind of explanations.

Manufacture starts at early morning.

Barbagust then is not only a nice receptive structure but a typical shop as well, where you can buy genuine products made in our farm. You will enchanted by the “toma” of Sansicario.

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