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Didactic Farm

Our dream is to amaze you.
A dream coming true at the farm.
A dream beginning with the welcome of our Barolo, a loving Newfoundland, 60 Kg weighty.

Then the visit continues through narrow streets of the old village, leading to the cheese factory, where you can see containers for the conservation of raw milk and spaces where cheeses have to mature.

Soon after, you enter the real stable where Daniele answers to all your questions: “Why are there holes on the roof?” for instance. Or “Why to grow some races of cows and goats?”, and then “Why cows and goats have horns even if milk doesn’t come out from them?”

After explainations, everyone at work! You can try to milk cows or to feed little calfs.

But then the visit continues, there is still a lot to see. The hay loft, for exemple, wondering why the trusses are the biggest of the entire valley.

Then the garage, with tractors and other machined used in fields. In the end, you can play “cioche e ridun” (cows bells), the voices of the mountains.

We are actually working on a project, trying to involve grandfathers of the town, trustees of a ancient oral traditions. We would love to show everyone how Sansicario was in ancient times when you would have find more people of the mountains, more animals and life was completely different now a days.

This is one other dream of ours: move emotionally everyone, mainly young people making them step back in time.

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